Cher is no stranger to twitter feuds, but this time, she is messing with crazy! A fan pointed out to Cher that Nicki Minaj was dissing her in one of her songs. There is a line in Nicki’s song ‘Did it on em’ that takes a stab at Cher, saying, ‘If you could turn back time Cher? You used to be here but now you’re gone’. Cher just shrugged it off, saying ‘I’ve seen lots of people come and go. No biggie!’ Nicki’s boyfriend, Safaree Samuel, who recently jumped into her maid fight, decided to fight this battle for her too. He tweeted to Cher that she needed to listen to the words before she started saying dumb things. He said, ‘Do you even know what a rap metaphor is? We are a cult that you don’t want to mess with!’ Cher still refused to fight, just saying that he was right and she wrong.

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