One Direction has released the official music video for their song "You & I" and it didn't take long for one band to see something very familiar.

In One Direction's new video for "You & I", there is a scene in which there are multiples of each band member. Each "twin" remains frozen until they come in contact with their active counterpart. It is then that they come to life. It's a cool effect, but one band has seen it before.

In their own music video.

Clubfeet is an Australian band with a song called "Everything You Wanted." In their music video, the same effect takes place. Clubfeet's video was posted to YouTube January 2013. The production and animated company Oh Yeah Wow claims to have created the visual trick and did not give 1D permission to replicate it.

One Direction's camp has yet to comment on the situation.

We'll let you be the judge. Here is Clubfeet's video from last January:

Here is One Direction's video. Skip to the 2:45 mark: