It's awfully hard to credit a mugshot with 'winning' but this one comes pretty close.

We have Robert Burt of Maine.He's a 19 year old, and judging by his mustache, he has quite the sense of humor.

The reason for his arrest was no laughing matter though. He was busted for drunk driving back in June.

He pleaded guilty and was released on bond, but not before taking his first mugshot.

He was sentenced to 48 hours in jail and was to serve that time August 8th-10th. So he shows up to the Somerset County jail wearing a t-shirt that certainly turned heads.

While he was waiting to serve his time, Burt got a t-shirt made that had his original mugshot printed on the front. It even said "Burt Family Reunion . . . sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff."

Burt says the officers actually loved the shirt, and made sure it was clearly visible in thew mugshot!

Check out the pictures here!

(The Smoking Gun)