We admit that when we saw Rihanna's hair at the 2013 American Music Awards, it looked like she was rocking super shiny, glossy finger waves, fastened with pearl bobby pins. Apparently, she wasn't.

Instead, she wore what's known as a "doobie wrap," which is the equivalent of wearing rollers out and about, if you can imagine that.

It looked like she had sideswept bangs, since the wrap appeared to melt into her own black hair. But nope, that wasn't it. That was just an optical illusion, revealed upon closer inspection and a torrent of fan tweets about her choice of headgear.

Essentially, the doobie wrap is a scarf that women wear at night and while they sleep. It is used to help create bouncy hair the following morning.

So it may have been a styling tool, but it was one that she blinged out and turned into an accessory.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

It had people wondering why she would go out with a tool that most people sleep in.

Maybe her real hair has been damaged by all the changes she puts it through? Who knows!

It didn't go unnoticed by fans and was a hot conversation topic.

We noticed that her makeup artist didn't use any bronzer or illuminator with shimmer to cover up her obvious bikini tan lines. Just sayin'.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

We all know RiRi loves a doobie -- aka the kind you spark up and smoke -- but she also loves doobie wraps.

Below are some eagle-eyed tweets about the doobie wrap.

Oh, and did you ever wonder if you're saying RiRi's name correctly? While the entire world calls her "Ree-ah-na," she has said it's "Ree-Anna." Watch this video clip of everyone else saying her name wrong.

Ree-ah-na sounds so much more cosmo, but she has confirmed that it's "Ree-anna." We'll just call her Robyn.