As you know, I'm a horse person and couldn't help but follow the story of the missing horses at SAU. Who steals five horses and starves them, ultimately killing one, while watching their friends and team mates suffer, while they desperately look for their equine partners? I always try to see things from both sides, but I'm having a hard time on this one. My horses are my four legged babies. God help the person that intentionally tries to harm one of them. And to think these  horses were at SAU to help their riders compete while receiving their education. It makes me ill! Five horses and equipment were taken... Four were returned in poor health. The fifth, named Credit Card, died. The details of the death are abhorrent. Since the theft of the horses November 2nd, an SAU student, 18 year old Jaci Rae Jackson has been arrested. Police have said there are more arrests to follow. In back lash to the thefts, there's been a lot of activity on social networking sites like Facebook, where a page regarding Jackson and her alleged actions has been created. I've included video on the story below just in case you want more information. Click here to see the SAU Rodeo page and here for their Facebook page. I'm not sure it helps right now, but I'm personally sending my thoughts and healing prayers to the SAU team and staff. We lost a horse just two weeks ago and it's simply awful.