Seven-year-old Max Wilford is bravely battling brain cancer and, although he may be ill, he's encouraging people to make a difference in the lives of other sick kids.

Max appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with his school principal and brought along a "Suit of the Loom" -- a creation made of colored rubber bands called "Rainbow Looms" that were sent to him by viewers.

This week, Max and his non-profit organization, The Max Love Project, are getting together with his school, Arroyo (CA) Elementary, to host a Loom-a-Thon. Their main goal is to make the world's longest Rainbow Chain.

Kimmel treated Max to a wonderful surprise: a visit from Iron Man and a trip to Disneyland. It's a moment that brought Kimmel to tears, and probably you too when you watch this video.

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