The return of O-Town, Bustin Bieber goes retail, Lindsay Lohan says "no" to drugs, Charlie and Brooke together...again, and Kidman and Keith make the Showbiz Top 5!

5. Perhaps inspired by the NKOTBSB tour -- or hoping they can get a gig as their opening act -- TMZ is reporting that O-Town is reuniting, minus Ashley Parker Angel. The guys reportedly have been thinking about this for some time and spent the past year trying to get Ashley on board. But a year later and with Ashley not budging, they decided to move forward without him.

4. Justin Bieber is just a little entrepreneur. Justin's in negotiations right now to open his own retail store in The Grove in LA. He's talking to the same people who helped the Kardashian sisters to set up their Khaos boutique in Vegas. Justin's store would feature his face on everything from t-shirts to lunchboxes to lollipops. Yes, you can lick Justin Bieber's face off.

3. RadarOnline is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has passed up to ten random drug and alcohol tests since she left rehab a couple weeks ago. That means that pretty much every single day, with a random day skipped here and there, she is being forced to pee in a cup. So it's more like random NON-drug and alchol testing. And did you see Lindsay stumbling around from party to party after the Golden Globes? Nope! She sat at home and watched it all on TV. Her dad says Lindsay is serious about staying healhty and avoiding all the old things she used to do. Lindsay's due back in court on February 25.

2. Is ANYBODY buying the story the "Palm Beach Post" put out that Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are talking about getting back together. Brooke's mother says the two of them have been talking about it constantly, but Brooke's mother may be a bit delusional. Let's just hope for Brooke's baby boys, she's WAY delusional and Brooke has no intention of reconciling with this train wreck. Meantime, after partying with porn stars in Vegas over a week ago and missing his call time on the set of "Two and a Half Men" -- which has since been excused with a doctor's note for an ear infection -- Charlie packed up and flew back to Vegas after the show fininshed taping. Charlie even took the time to drop by Drew Carey's improv show at the MGM and jumped up on stage with him. Drew tweeted that Charlie was hilarious and that the whole thing was caught on tape. Can't WAIT to see that.

1. What a happy surprise to find out yesterday that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a second daughter -- three weeks ago!! Little Faith Margaret was born on December 28 at a hospital in Nashville. The couple used a surrogate, but the baby is 100%, biologically theirs. Word is, Keith and Nicole rented out the entire upper floor of The Women's Hospital at Centennial for the baby's birth. It's amazing they were able to keep this a secret for as long as they did, but once word leaked out yesterday, they happily confirmed the news. That makes 2-year-old Sunday Rose a big sister! Nicole has two other children she adopted with Tom Cruise.