Not too long ago, an Shreveport Walmart was seen stocking Twinkies and other Hostess snacks in the bakery section in a display case that would normally house donuts or bagels.  This same Walmart took some corrective action.

It's still stocked like a baked good, but this time the Hostess snacks have their own shelf directly in front of the display case that previously held them.

Another positive is that some donuts can be found where the Twinkies and Ring Dings once sat.

However, a snack that one would think would normally find a home next to Oreos and Little Debbie snacks is still considered a fresh baked good like a birthday cake.

So, for anyone in dire need of Twinkies and can't seem to find them in an area Walmart, checked the fresh baked goods section.  Seemingly, that's where most people would think to look first.

Before photo:

Dennis Foley