A lot of people ask me who is the coolest celebrity that has ever come into the studio. I usually take into consideration 2 things. The level of fame they have and how nice they are. Steven Tyler has been my answer because of the way he was when we met him and he has done something pretty amazing again. He granted a dying fan's final wish by setting up a Skype call with the longtime Aerosmith devotee. Lawrence Ori, who suffered from a degenerative condition called supernuclear palsy, had always wanted to meet the band's frontman and his dream came true when Tyler called him at his hospice. The audio is hard to make out but here is a clip of Steven telling him what music means to him. Ori's condition rendered him unable to speak or move, but he was able to listen as the singer told him, "Lawrence? This is Steven. I'm coming to you from L.A. and I'm so glad to meet you." The singer ended the call by saying, "You hold on, Lawrence. I love you man. Great to meet you." Ori sadly passed away just hours after Tyler's phone call, which was set up by the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation, a charity dedicated to fulfilling the final wishes of hospice patients.


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