Watch a Manta Ray Who Just Wants to Get Your Attention [Vine]
Manta and the related stingrays get a bad rap for their weird faces, creepy shapes and penchant for photobombs. But in reality, they just want a little attention. This funny Vine video shows a manta ray bobbing up and down in a water tank while an off-screen videographer says 'hey!' How ca…
Look Into The Eyes Of Braveheart’s Abuser [PIC]
Braveheart's abuser has been identified and he turned himself in to the Caddo Correctional Center this past Friday. The person who allegedly abused Braveheart, the 4-month-old pitbull puppy found emaciated, locked in a storage unit, chained to a car without benefit of food, water or even something t…
Dogs, Lemurs and Raccoons — The Animals of Mudstock [Photos]
We knew Mudstock attendees were party animals, but they took it one step further -- by actually bringing their pets to River Run ATV Park! We saw dogs cruising on ATVs, cats loafing near the front office, a lemur making new friends and even an uninvited raccoon with a taste for tortilla chips.

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