black eyed peas

The Script – Hall of Fame F. [VIDEO]
I am so in love with The Script. They make my heart happy. Really. I have the hugest crush on Danny, the lead singer. I got the chance to hang with him in Vegas last year and it was amazing! Danny and the boys are back and their new material is better than ever... Joins U.K. Version of ‘The Voice’ as Coach
Sure, he’s hard at work promoting his new single with Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez, but has never been satisfied doing only one thing — so he’s just added another job to his ever-growing stack of duties as a 21st century pop culture kingpin. Denies Black Eyed Peas Breakup Rumors Started By Kanye West
When you’re as successful as Kanye West, you can make a lot of things true simply by saying them out loud. Luckily for Black Eyed Peas fans, not even Kanye can cause a band’s breakup by announcing it.
West caused a stir by telling the audience at his show last Friday that the BEP were no more, but ac…

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