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K945’s Last Contest Ever (Maybe) Winners!
THE LAST CONTEST EVER (Maybe) is here and it's on each and every afternoon thru this Friday (the end of the world, duh!) with Bristol. Just in case you haven't heard, here's the deal. Some people are saying the end of times is coming THIS Friday 12/21/12.
THE LAST CONTEST EVER (Maybe) starts this Thursday on K945. Here's the deal, some people are saying the end of times is this Wednesday 12/12/12. But, IF there is an end of the world as we know it, we're betting on the more popular date Friday 12/21/12.
Britt Nicole Visits K945! [VIDEO]
Capitol Records recording artist Britt Nicole visited the K945 studios this past Friday before her show at Word of God and we fell in love! Check out Britt's interview with Stifler and her performance in the conference room for the K945 staffers and winners here!