What Is the Show ‘My Little Pony’ About?
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a TV show that has one thing at it's core. Being friends. To the point here's a super clip of every time they say the word 'friend' during the entire 3 season run. *Spoiler* The video is almost 4 minutes long...
Cute Cartoon About How A Blind Girl Sees The World
This is one of those videos that's so artistic it makes you think. This cartoon video is about a young girl who's blind and needs her dog to see. When she's suddenly her purse gets nabbed, and her service dog runs off after the villain. See how she manages until the dog returns...
Chris Brown – Look At Me Now Cartoon (VIDEO)
I WISH I had this kinda time on my hands! Big props to Marissa for finding this one! I laughed my a$$ off! Some of the drawings vaguely remind me of some of my Draw Something creations... Find me! BristolK945!