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Cat That Sticks His Tongue Out on Command
How can you make a cat do anything? Well, really you can't which is why when you notice something that solicits a behavior you do it again and again. This video features a cat that sticks out his tongue every time a person pulls on tape.
Cat’s Best Friend Is A Toy Leopard.
This video features Percy the cat and his surrogate brother. The description of the video says "When Percy was bought home he had originally had a little brother, who unfortunately died. He was given this little leopard as a comforter and now keeps leopard with him all the time...
Probably The World’s Nicest Cat
My sister used to have a cat ... he was named Morphious. He was nuts. If he was tired of you petting him he'd bite you hard enough to draw blood. No warning just *CHOMP* This cat seems like a saint by comparison! I dub him St. Meow Mix.
Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath
Ah yes ... dogs and cats best of friends ... worst of enemies. Here's a 41 second video of a dog and cat trying to get at something inside a bathtub with water in it. The majority of the video is the dog and cat looking at something, the last 5 seconds. Hilarious.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Big Cat & Kitten Fight
Not as bad as the title would lead you to believe. The kitten and cat are rough housing but you can totally tell the big cat is going easy on the kitten, either that or is so fluffy she can't move very fast. Either way it ends on a super cute note.
Cat Climbs News Reporter’s Shoulder On Air!
Nothing quite like being live on TV. Thousands upon thousands of people watching your every move. Well some little kitty cat decided it wanted some of the attention so it climbs up the reporters back to perch on her shoulder. Hilarious!
Oh and it was the reporters first day.

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