Kids Talking About Dating Problems Is Kinda Creepy
Full disclosure, this video is from guy who's trying to sell some books. That being said, this video stars 3 little girls one of whom is really confused about a boy she likes. The conversation gets a bit adult at times, watch the video and you decide if they crossed the line...
Beer Commercial With A Hilarious Police Chase
The majority of commercials are usually cheesy over the top "Look at our products! Look how cool they make you! Buy them!!" My personal favorite kind are clever / funny. This beer commercial takes the cake in both regards.
I Like To Call This Video – BMW M5 Beautiful Destruction
This video simulates all of the super slow motion of a bullet going through objects. Only they're driving a car through an apple made of glass(?), 3 of the BIGGEST water balloons ever, and a target. All with Beethoven playing to give it some class.
Definitely worth the 2 minutes.
Anime Disney Comerical [Video]
So there's a Disney World(Land?) in Tokyo! How neat is that?!?! I wonder if it's like EuroDisney. (Is that place even still open?)
Here's a commerical that captures the sheer awesome amazingness that is going to a Disney park.

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