Ginger’s Dog Causes Mayhem
On the other side of the door, I usually hear Rudd, my dog, so excited that his tail wagging is causing a knocking noise on the wall. Today there was no knocking. I open the door to see chaos scattered around my living room.
Ginger needs your help!
One of the biggest stumbles I have had recently is finding a place for me to take my dog out for a walk. I have looked at some parks and different trails, but I wish I knew more about the area to make a decision on where to go.
Rudd is my big ole' baby...
Crazy Cat Does Not Phase This Dog
This dog is a legend.
This dog possesses a level of chill unknown by mankind. This dog could be sitting in a bee hive and wouldn't even flinch. This dog could catch any mailman he ran after, but he's simply too chill to want to do it. This dog fears nothing...
Amazing Border Collie Doing 50 Amazing Tricks
Well, I hate to say it but watching this video will make you think your dog is a bit slow. Here's a Border Collie named Zoe doing 50 tricks. My parents dogs know 3 tricks. 1) Eat food off my plate. 2) Sleep taking up the whole couch. 3) Pee on the floor by the door.

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