The App That Will Find Your Dogs Perfect Match
It's like a Tinder for your dog. You have several profiles to read through. You find your pets perfect match, and then you ask the question. "Are you available to board my dog on these dates?" Since I am rather new to town and my dog is a jerk to cats, I had to find a way to g…
Ginger’s Dog Causes Mayhem
On the other side of the door, I usually hear Rudd, my dog, so excited that his tail wagging is causing a knocking noise on the wall. Today there was no knocking. I open the door to see chaos scattered around my living room.
Ginger needs your help!
One of the biggest stumbles I have had recently is finding a place for me to take my dog out for a walk. I have looked at some parks and different trails, but I wish I knew more about the area to make a decision on where to go.
Rudd is my big ole' baby...

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