election 2012

President’s Victory Speech (VIDEO)
After a hard-fought campaign against former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, Barack Obama won a second term as President of the United States by winning both the popular and electoral vote. Here's his victory speech.
Will Ferrell Wants You To Vote [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell is willing to do anything...yes, ANYTHING to get you out to the polls this Tuesday. Although near the end of the video, he makes his position crystal clear, all of us here at K945 say no matter your preference is, get out and VOTE!
Where to Register to Vote in Shreveport and Bossier
On November 6, citizens across the United States will vote in the 2012 election. For first-time Shreveport-Bossier voters eager to join in the democratic process, new residents and lapsed voters alike, registering is the first big step to ensure your voice is heard on election day.
Here's where Shrev…