Ellen Scares The You-Know-What Out Of Jake Gyllenhaal
Ellen is quite possibly the funniest human on the planet. One of the best parts about her show, the scares!
She has a long history of frightening her special guests. Sometimes she'll hide in their dressing room, other times she'll have a character of sorts sneak up behind the guests on set.…
Meet Chris Rene TOMORROW! (VIDEO)
I am so excited to meet Chris Rene tomorrow at the local X Factor auditions at Pierre Bossier Mall. To find out more on that click here. Meanwhile, get excited with me and enjoy video of Chris' appearance on Ellen! Thank you so much to Epic Records and Leisa St. John for making this all happen!
Emma Stone on Ellen [VIDEO]
Since moving to the country, I have become very acquainted with my fear of spiders. Initially, I watched this video because I wanted to know who was the better kisser, but turns out, the spider part was way more juicy!

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