Furious 7

‘Furious 7′ Finally Gets An Honest Trailer! (VIDEO)
Anybody who's seen Furious 7 or any of the films in the Furious franchise knows how how visually stunning and over-the-top ridiculous they can be. For you, here's a trailer for Furious 7 that says what's on all your minds as you stare at the screen and hold ba…
‘Furious 7′ Finishes On Top Again
Furious 7 took another victory lap as it topped the weekend box office for the fourth week in a row with $18.2 million, increasing its domestic total to $320.5 million.
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Furious 7’ Smashes April Records
The early estimates for the opening weekend gross of Furious 7 are all over the place and we probably won’t have a definitive number until tomorrow, when the dust finally settles and everyone gets a chance to breathe. However, this one thing we know for sure: the seventh film in the Fast and …