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More “Blake” To Come, Promises Hacker
The hacker who claims to have naked pictures of Blake Lively has just upped the ante, scoffing at claims the pics are photoshopped ... and he's posted more pictures to prove his case.
Billy Ray And Miley On The Outs!
February 18, 2011
Billy Ray and Miley are not on speaking terms? What really going on with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz? And who stole Paris Hilton's birthday cake? Find out all this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!
Lindsay Lohan To The Big House?
February 08, 2011
How does Fergie feel about Christina Aguilera's performance? Lindsay Lohan not heading for the big house yet? And Mark Zuckerberg's privacy invaded?
Fergie took the time to take up for Christina Aguilera yesterday...