Horse Playing in Water
Funny little video of a horse being afraid of the water ... until the young lady riding the horse gets off and walks the horse to the water and steps in it. The horse then decides to give them both a bath.
10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Horse [PICTURES]
From dogs dressed as Darth Vaderto Elvis kitties, we can’t stop stuffing our four-legged friends into Halloween attire each October. Dog and cat costume parades are more popular than ever, and everyone from major pet supply companies like Petco to mom-and-pop Etsy dealers make a mint…
Barn Fire Kills 19 Horses in Haughton [VIDEO] - Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports
I can't even describe how sad this story makes me. I know the guy who owns River Point. Back in the day my brother and I lived in the townhouses (way back in the day).
The 12 Most Adorable Miniature Horses on the Web
Miniature horses are probably one of the funniest animals, hands down. There's just something about seeing the things in a shrunken down version that gets us every darn time. Honestly-- can you look at a tiny foal without cracking a smile? No way!
Horse People vs. Non-Horse People [VIDEO]
Can I get a hearty amen on this one?!? I have had pretty much every single conversation presented in this video. Can I come ride your horse? No, he's in training. Is he safe for kids? Can my kids come see them aka climb all of them like a jungle gym and jump out from hiding places trying to get…
What!?! Yoga On HORSEBACK? Yep! It’s Equi-Yoga [VIDEO]
Last night at the NLEA board meeting at Lucky Palace (my fav!), the subject of yoga for equestrians came up. Now, I know a bunch of my dressage buddies get together on Tuesday nights for yoga/pilates to help improve their riding and health, but this is taking it one step further... It's yoga on…
Redneck Dressage [VIDEO]
I know, I know, I've been slacking on my Redneck Dressage blogs but I found this today and just had to share! I promise I'll get back to writing soon!
Redneck Dressage Extra – The Stupidest Woman to Buy a Horse
Writing Redneck Dressage has been fun! Especially with the timing falling around the Olympics. My Pas De Deux partner, Ann Switalski, sat down at the keyboard and penned her own chapter. We may actually get a book out of this! Check out Ann's The Stupidest Woman to Buy a Horse!

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