Hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy Relief [VIDEO]
I had a listener email me earlier saying we made her cry this morning with the Christmas Wishes on Kraddick this morning. Her excuse was that she's 6 months pregnant and cries at commercials, but here's the deal, I'm not pregnant and this made me cry...
See How New Yorkers Are Commuting Post-Hurricane Sandy
Hey, thanks Sandy! As if people didn't hate taking the bus enough, now we get to wait in a line to wait in line to ride one. That's right -- the lines have lines. It's taking people multiple hours to get to and from work. Good thing it's not miserable outside. Just kidding, it to…
Hurricane Sandy’s NYC Radio Blackout [VIDEO]
This is one of the creepiest videos I've watched regarding Hurricane Sandy. It's not because of any images of mass destruction, it's because having radio stations off the air, without power, is such an anomaly.
7 Photos That Are NOT Hurricane Sandy
Don't always believe everything Facebook tells you. If it was all true, do you have any idea how many dollars would've been donated to charity for liking that picture of a kitten? It can't be all true, and it's not. Here are some pictures of "Hurricane Sandy" ci…

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