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Jay Leno Pinch-Hits For Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)
Jay Leno made his triumphant return to The Tonight Show after two and a half years to fill in for Jimmy Fallon after Fallon faked an injury during his opening monologue and needed someone to take his place. Leno didn't miss a beat, taking on everything from the Kardashians to the 2016 GOP …
Evangeline Lilly: Gasy Flight Attendant [Video]
Evangeline Lilly stone cold hottie, who at one point was a flight attendant, stopped by Jay Leno's show to promote her new movie Real Steel. And spoke about the most awesomest way to passively aggressively get even with somebody if you're a flight attendant.
George Lopez TV Show Cancelled
It's been on the air for two short seasons and according to TMZ, George Lopez's show has been cancelled... It's final show will air tomorrow night. And that's not even the biggest part of the story.

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