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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the family way -- that's "pregnant" for those of you who don't like cutesy idioms -- with her boyfriend and co-star, actor Brian Hallisay.
Vajazzling – Jennifer Love Hewitt Does It. Are You Next? [VIDEO]
What's the latest trend in fashion? It's one that no one knows about but you... Unless you decide to blab like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Seems like she's bragging to everyone how she decorates her, um... lady parts. That'll work!!! Think of Vajazzling like Spirit fingers for your who…
Jennifer Love Hewitt…Worst Actress?
She stole hearts in "Can't Hardly Wait" and even showed the knack to talk with ghosts on CBS, but when it comes to awards an actress doesn't want to win, Jennifer Love Hewitt takes home the big golden (rotten) tomato.
Meloni Quits “SVU”
Well, this is some sad news. TVLine reports that "Law & Order: SVU" star Christopher Meloni has left his post as Detective Elliot Stabler and will not be returning for the series' 13th season.