Have You Seen These Gordon McKernan McMemes?
If you live in Louisiana, have family in the state, or have even driven in the state for just 10 minutes, you probably know who Gordon McKernan is. Even if you don't recognize his've seen him before.
Gordon is a person injury lawyer who has scattered his face across the landscape…
Here’s Grumpy Cat in Every Show and Movie You Like
Happy birthday, Grumpy Cat! Can you believe that Tardar Sauce, the internet's least excited feline is only a year old? We figured she was like 115 in cat years.
With Grumpy Cat taking over our computer screens, we figured it was only a matter of time before she took over our TV and movie screens…
Best Memes of the Week
We love memes. You love memes. Everybody loves memes. Relive the best of the best for the past week (ending March 24).
Grumpy Cat Refuses to Do the Harlem Shake
Grumpy Cat catapulted to online super stardom a few months ago, quickly ranking right up there with Overly Attached Girlfriend and Actual Advice Mallard when it came to making people laugh at silly stuff. Unsurprisingly, the Internet's grouchiest feline is not impressed with the recent Harlem Shake …

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