Motivating and Inspirational Weight Loss Before and After Pictures
It's a new year and with that comes new year's resolutions. One of the more common ones is to get in shape and lose weight. Neither of those things happens quickly. Here are pictures of people's complete transformations, complete with amazing before and after pictures.
Some of these jo…
Get Inspired by This Epic Slow-Motion Running Supercut Video
Man, watching movies is great isn't it? Its the one thing that brings everybody together. This is a really cool super cut video highlighting the "slow motion run". There seems to be all types of running, running from something, running to someone in joy, in anger, to kill, to …
Your Weekly Pep Talk In Case You Need Some Motivation
Get your weekly dose of motivation right here in the form of a video from the adorable Kid President, to pictures and words of wisdom of birds, life-hacks, the difference between school and the real world, and a motivational penguin.

Get Motivated NOW! [VIDEO]
Sometimes I just can't get motivated. I'd like to able to crawl out of bed without a Spark or strong cup of coffee. If you have the same problem I do, watch this. It WILL help!

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