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Hunger Games Movie Teaser – Trailer [Video]
OK so this is based off a book. I've never read this book. So I guess a girl running through the woods with a bow and arrow is important. Weeeee ... wait ... did I spoil it? Check it anyway so my boss throws me a scooby snack!
Killer Elite Movie Trailer [Video]
"When the Hunter" .... "Becomes the hunted" ... the hunted hunter starts hunting whoever is hunting him and it goes like this *BANG* *BANG* *BOOM* *PUNCH* *KICK* *ONE LINER!!!*
Staring .... stars!!!
Darkest Hour Trailer [Video]
Here's a movie trailer for a movie about energy draining aliens. No thanks I'll keep my alien movies the way I've had them for years. ... Staring Will Smith. Check it maybe you'll see something appealing about this trailer that I missed.
Captain America Spoilers / Avengers Tease Of Teaser? [Video]
If you go see Captain America and watch all the way through the end of the credits you'll see a preview of the Avengers movie that will eventually be coming out. Which will feature Ironman, Dude with a hammer, Anger management guy, Hot chick from iron man two, and other people. Faaaannnntastic. Here…
Tower Heist – Movie Trailer [Video]
This is a movie about ... well a heist in a tower. But it's more than that ... it's like Oceans 11 but funny. Watch the video and see what I'm talking about ... it looks quality.

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