Can MySpace’s Hip Makeover Win You Back?
Remember back in 2005 when Myspace was cool? We blogged about our crush from middle school science class, took those "what would you do if..." surveys, and felt honored when we made it into someone's "top friends" box. Those were the days.
Facebook Took The Fun Out Of Cyberstalking
My brother has this magnet that says "Don't drink and MySpace." There was a time when that was true....cyberstalking on MySpace was as dangerous as drunk dialing. It wasn't as easy to find people as it is on Facebook. I mean, no one used their entire name...
Facebook Divorces???
According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social networking sites are now used as a primary source of evidence in four of out five divorcee proceedings.
Facebook, the most popular social networking destination, is cited in two-thirds of divorce cases, followed by MySpace at 14 percent…