Cascada Rips Off Katy Perry? (VIDEO)
When I first saw the PopCrush headline, I thought it was going to be one of those silly triped up pieces about an imagined likeness between songs/videos. (I'm sorry, I still don't see the similarity between Madonna's Express Yourself and Gaga, but that's neither here nor there.)
Paula Abdul Joins ‘The X Factor': Report
Paula Abdul has signed on as the fourth and final judge of 'The X Factor,' the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.
Sources say that negotiations went down to the wire, due in part to her deal with CBS to appear on the dance-competition series 'Live to Dance.'
Mariah And Nick Have Named “Dem Babies!”
Finally, after all of the suspense, we've found out what Mariah and Nick named their babies... and both of their names have personal meaning... like naming their daughter after Marilyn Monroe and their son was named Moroccan...