Blowing Cash Prank, Awesome Video
I love the evolution of the "Prank".
Here's the definition...
I think someone should consider modifying the definition. These days you see more and more of these reverse pranks. Where you mislead someone or "prank" someone only to reveal that they are indeed th…
Hilarious “Chainsaw Massacre” Prank
One of my favorite things on YouTube has to be prank videos. Add a little Halloween twist, all of a sudden I've watched this video 76 times today.
Russian YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, has found extreme success with his prank videos.
His latest depicting "Chainsaw Massacre"…
Electric Shock Kissing Prank
This prank is awesome, what happens when you take a cute dude and lady and give them a deck of cards that are wired up like an electric fence and solicit kisses.
A hilarious prank that has both parties in pain.

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