Snooki’s Big Pregnancy Announcement
Is Snooki pregnant? That was the rumor more than a month ago, but she vehemently denied it. Now it’s being reported that she is three months along and getting ready to make a big announcement to Us Weekly. She was waiting for a big pay day before she sold the news...
Jennifer Garner Is Pregnant
It’s been rumored that Jennifer Garner was pregnant again, and those rumors turned out to be true. Jennifer and her hubby Ben Affleck made the announcement yesterday that they are thrilled to be expecting their third child.
Fantasia Announces Pregnancy
The American Idol Season 3 winner, Fantasia Barrino, gave up the goods during a charity performance in Jacksonville, Florida. She announced to her fans that she was pregnant and it was hard for her to admit it at first because she was afraid of what everyone would think. She said that God gave …

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