Ginger needs your help!
One of the biggest stumbles I have had recently is finding a place for me to take my dog out for a walk. I have looked at some parks and different trails, but I wish I knew more about the area to make a decision on where to go.
Rudd is my big ole' baby...
The Daily Aww: Featuring Weylin
Weylin is a Weimaraner if you don't know anything about Weirmaraner, know that they're full of energy. How full? "We're marathon training right now, so he's doing about 40 miles a week on the trails with me." My parents dog on the other hand actually walked outs…
Who Drops A Puppy?!?!? [VIDEO]
Apparently, Kathie Lee Gifford drops puppies. If I was that dog, I'd have bitten her when she picked me up again. Hims just a cute little baby!!! I always knew there was something wrong with her! Adding insult to injury, she said the puppy smelled...
The Daily Aww: Featuring Gator
Gator is an absolutely adorable golden retriever puppy. Got a couple of pictures here from Mike of him and Gator at a pet store and Gator getting a bath. Cuteness runs rampant.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Jack
Jack is a cute little pup that a resident abandoned and has since been claimed by a new owner. There's a super cute picture of Jack playing with what seems to be his first toy ever ($2 piece of rope).
The Daily Aww: Featuring Shooter
Shooter is a sweet pup that was sent to me via email by Paige. I don't know much about Shooter, but I can tell you this ... All. Hair.
Check out a bunch of pictures of the super cute puppy dog known as Shooter!

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