Important Reminder for Dog Owners
If you walk outside and think to yourself that it is way too hot, put your hand to the ground, literally and if the back of your hand can't handle the heat on the pavement for more than 5 seconds, guess what, your dog can't handle it either!
4 Signs Your Dog Is Your Valentine
While your dog isn't thrilled about reading a sweet card maybe consider dropping by the pet store and bringing a bone, a treat, or an annoying squeaky toy home for the loyal Valentine. Here are 4 signs that your dog is most definitely your Valentine this year.
What Kind of Dog Is Our Office Dog?
Have you ever gotten a dog convinced it was a certain breed but you were dead wrong? Tell us about it and send us photos too! We can't be the only ones that have had this happen to them right?
Ginger needs your help!
One of the biggest stumbles I have had recently is finding a place for me to take my dog out for a walk. I have looked at some parks and different trails, but I wish I knew more about the area to make a decision on where to go.
Rudd is my big ole' baby...
The Daily Aww: Featuring Weylin
Weylin is a Weimaraner if you don't know anything about Weirmaraner, know that they're full of energy. How full? "We're marathon training right now, so he's doing about 40 miles a week on the trails with me." My parents dog on the other hand actually walked outs…

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