rooftop party

Rooftop Party Pictures Taken With Stealth
The Horseshoe Casino's Rooftop Parties are coming to an end. There are only a couple left. I was there this past Thursday 6/21 and I was a picture taking ninja. If you were there look and see if I got you before my camera battery died.
Curse you camera battery! Your charge only lasted like a mo…
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The week is almost over and the time to celebrate is right now! What better way to party than to win a prize from K945, Live Nation and Horseshoe Casino. We have a TON of tickets to see LMFAO in concert and a couple of cabana's for Thursday night's Rooftop Party and the best part is? We&ap…
Horseshoe Casino Rooftop Party 5/24 [Gallery] & [Video]
The Chee Wees were on hand and rocking out last night at the Horseshoe. Check out the pictures and (SUPER SHORT) video I took!
Shout out to the beautiful Maegan Morace for taking the majority of the pictures and letting me steal her camera to take a couple more shots.