Insane Ride Down Mountain
I don't mean to brag but I know how to ride a bike, no training wheels or nothing! I obviously can do what this guy is doing ... riding down the side of a mountain falling 7-10 feet at a time. I'll admit it ... my butt clinched a few times...
Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator Announces Sight-in Days
Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator said he is making the Caddo Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy firing range available to the public for sighting in rifles for the upcoming deer season. Six...
Old Guy With Awesome Skateboard Skills
Check out this old guy on a skate board. If you put me on a skate board I'd fall and bust my butt so hard on the ground they'd write a song about me. "Let me tell ya a story about a man name "Stiff" a radio dj barely kept his family fed. Then one day he was tryin…
People Are Awesome Part 2 [VIDEO]
The original People Are Awesome hit YouTube and took it by storm resulting in over 55 million views. Guess what? People Are Awesome 2013, or part 2, is now here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! It WILL take your breath away!

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