12 Hilarious Breakup Texts
It doesn't matter which way we spin it; breaking up stinks. (Unless, of course, you're the breaker-upper, in which case it's like a cause for celebration.) Either way, cutting the relationship cord has gotten a bit easier ever since text messaging hit the scene. As it turns out, break…
Happy 20th Birthday, Text Messaging!
Although it became a widely used form of communication only recently, texting is actually a decades-old technology. In fact, it celebrated its 20th birthday on Monday, which makes it older than most of the kids who use it. OMG!
Best. Prank. Ever
My bff has an irrational disdain for one of my ex's. He wasn't even the worst of all the ex's...he was just a big idiot that made her conceive evil plots against him.
Her first idea was to get one of those big fish you get in the grocery store...
Failure to Communicate
One of my favorite games to play as a kid (besides 7 Up, which I can't remember how to play anymore) was that game you played where you whispered something around the room. It was always interesting to find out if the person at the end of the line heard what you heard...

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