thrift shop

Rockin’ Hula Hoop Chick Gets ‘Video-Bombed!’ [VIDEO]
This chick is awesome. She is seriously working it to Macklemore's Thrift Shop (watch out, it's the unedited version.) She's totally working it, twisting, gyrating and generally making that hula hoop her b!tch... Which totally gives me flashbacks to my one month membership at Curves (…
Thrift Shop Parody – Gift Shop! [VIDEO]
Let's be honest, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song Thrift Shop is already pretty much a parody of itself, but the people at College Humor have hit yet another home run with Gift Shop! BTW, what the hell is a Hoberman sphere?
Is Macklemore’s Thrift Shop a Commentary on Society? [VIDEO]
Have you REALLY listened to Macklemore's Thrift Shop? The first few times your hear it, it feels like pure pop candy: catchy and totally singable. The next couple of listens, you start catching some of the lyrics, like the one about spending $50 on a t-shirt. So, is this song bubble gum or is i…