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True Blood Season 6 Finale Next Weekend [VIDEO]
I am a diehard Trubie! I never miss an episode even thought my husband thought last night's episode of True Blood sucked as a lead up to the season six finale... I thought it tied up quite a few loose ends rather nicely. I can't believe the season finale is already here...
‘True Blood’ Review: “The Sun”
‘True Blood’ season six spurts out its second episode of the year, "The Sun," as Sookie meets both a mysteriously injured young man (Robert Kazinski) and Jason's rescuer (Rutger Hauer), while Jessica attempts to coax Bill out of a dangerous situation and Eric goes undercover to meet Govern…
‘True Blood’ Town Evacuated Due to Explosive Situation
'True Blood' town... that sounds pretty darn cool doesn't it? If you read the books by Charlaine Harris, Doyline, LA could be Bon Temps if it really existed. After all, I'd love to see Jason and Hoyt on the side of the road doing construction for Renard Parish.

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