Twitter Reacts to Justin Bieber’s Arrest
By now you know, Twitter is just about the fastest way to spread information and, even better, disinformation! Twitter went wild today with the news of Justin Bieber's arrest in Miami for DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.
In true internet fashion, the jokes …
The Polar Vortex Has a Twitter Account & It’s Hilarious
If you haven't heard of the polar vortex currently affecting Louisiana, it's what meteorologists are calling the recent blast of cold weather to hit the US. But if you're on Twitter and care more for the funny than the science, you'll be glad to hear that the weather phenomenon n…
New Twitter Trend Has Us Asking ‘What Are the Selfie Games?’
Remember how in 2013 the word selfie was dubbed 'word of the year' and you cringed and threw up a little in your mouth and wished people would stop saying it? Yeah, well, that's not going to happen -- at least not on Twitter, where denizens have started The Selfie Games.
Basically, it's a competition…
Now Trending: Celebrities I Want To See Naked
I love watching Twitter trends. One of the biggest trends over the weekend was #CelebritiesIWantToSeeNaked. This is one Twitter trend I can get down with! With that being said, here's my top 5! This is perfect for my pervy cougar self!
What Is the #taylorsfault Twitter Trend About?
Well, to be totally honest, we're not too sure how this all got started. All we do know is that Justin Bieber's fanbase (Beliebers) and One Direction's fan base (Directioners) came together in an uneasy alliance to tell you how Taylor Swift is responsible for everything bad that happe…

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