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GTA 5 Online Announcement Trailer With Game Footage
Sports cars, motorcycles, helicopters and jets, oh my! Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to have online play available ... I can only imagine what it will be like hearing 12 year olds cussing each other out. Seriously though mute the kids, and play the game...
Let’s Play ‘Train’ — A Very Scary Video Game
Turn on all the lights in the house, grab your binkie and prepare to have your socks scared off your feet! Unless you're wearing sandals, in which case you're on your own. Here's a professional video game LPer known as TheRPGMinx playing a scary game called "Train."
We're guessing it's call…
See the New ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Gameplay Video
One of my favorite game series is Grand Theft Auto. I started playing way back in 1999 with Grand Theft Auto 2. I enjoyed the game, but got annoyed you couldn't see where you were driving. Then, came Grand Theft Auto 3. Oh man, did it change everything...
Xbox One Announcement — Funny Pictures and Facts [NSFW]
Last night (5/21), Microsoft announced the newest Xbox console, the Xbox One. Honestly, the Internet doesn't seem very happy. Rumor is, if you don't have internet access you can't use the console. Here are some funny summaries of the new console.
Gamer Proposes to Girlfriend Via Custom Role Playing Game
If you're a gamer and you find yourself a girlfriend who also loves spending marathon sessions in front of a screen you should probably seriously consider locking her down for life.
That's what Redditor Marchaka was thinking with his special lady Michelle, who shares his passion for video games. So, …

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