Guy Avoids Traffic Like a Ninja… But Is It Real?
There's a Vine going around that features a crazy guy doing some unreal things in traffic... The question is, is it real??
Logan Paul is a popular Vine user and his latest Vine has struck gold. In it, he jumps out in front of traffic, does a spin move around one car, jumps over the next, and lie…
Check out the First day of Fall From Space
Fall is here. The weather feels great and it's almost time to get the jackets out.
We experience the beautiful transition from Summer to Fall here on Earth, but what if you had a bird's eye view?
Better yet, an astronaut's eye view.
Here's a cool Vine uploaded by astronaut, Rei…
Full Interview with Aaron Carpenter
This was an absolute blast.
For those who don't know, or those who aren't big into social media, Aaron Carpenter is a pretty big deal. He continuously trends worldwide on Twitter and is devoted to his craft. Yes, believe it or not, tweeting is an art. And...
Watch a Manta Ray Who Just Wants to Get Your Attention [Vine]
Manta and the related stingrays get a bad rap for their weird faces, creepy shapes and penchant for photobombs. But in reality, they just want a little attention. This funny Vine video shows a manta ray bobbing up and down in a water tank while an off-screen videographer says 'hey!' How ca…
Tara Strong’s Vine Page Is the Internet’s Best Kept Secret
Tara Strong has one of those voices you swear you've heard before. And that's probably because you have. Strong has done voice acting work in everything from cartoons (she's Bubbles in 'The Powerpuff Girls') to video games ('Batman: Arkham City'). If that wasn't enough, she also has one of the most …

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