What is a Great First Anniversary Gift?
A thought struck me today when I was getting ready for work. They Lady Stifler and my 1 year anniversary is coming up in a 40ish days! What should I get her? What would be a great anniversary gift? This is where you come in.
Confusing Wedding Lingo That Grooms Just Don’t Get
I'm getting married on June 21st. Holly my fiance is keeping me in the loop about what's going on. I smile and say "Wow, that sounds great!" a lot. But I secretly have no clue what she's talking about. Tulle, fondant, table runner, fascinator ... I had no clue I needed to learn a whole new…
Help Me With My Wedding Stuff!!
So I'm a clueless guy give me beer pizza rolls and something on the tv and I'm happy. However I'm also a guy who's very much in love. So much so I'm getting married this year. I'm having some problems and I need your advice. ...

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