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Whitney Houston’s Family Developing Reality Show
Since Whitney Houston‘s death nearly four months ago, there has been a lot of drama behind the scenes with the surviving family. Now viewers will be able to get an inside look at how they are coping with the loss of the late pop icon and how they are moving forward with their lives.
Listen to the Whitney Houston 911 Call
The horror, shock and tragedy of Whitney Houston’s death was conveyed with a calm voice to a 911 dispatcher. “This is security from the Beverly Hilton. I need paramedics; apparently I have 46-year-old female found in the bathroom.”
Whitney Houston’s Full Autopsy Report
Whitney Houston’s full autopsy report was revealed yesterday. It detailed that Whitney complained of a sore throat so her assistant suggested that she take a bath. When the assistant later found her, she was face down in the bathtub with a bloody nose...
Whitney Houston Sparkles in New Trailer for ‘Sparkle’
Whitney Houston‘s tragic death almost two months ago stings a little bit more when you watch the trailer for her upcoming, posthumously releasing film ‘Sparkle,’ which is a remake and centers on girl groups and the purely magical musical period that came along with the Mo…

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