yep i'm bored

A German Fellow Does Donuts Indoors [Video]
In an activity that could end poorly (carbon monoxide poisoning / hitting the column and knocking the building down / driving out the side of the apartment) this actually is pretty sick ... Hold my beer and check this out.
Remix Ke$ha And Win! [Video]
Ok so Ke$ha threw up a video on her facebook page .... thought I'd share the love. She's doing a contest ... if you got skillz at remixing make it happen!!
Don’t Mess With This Grandma [Video]
Hell hath no fury like a grandma pissed b/c her bratty grandchild is in the other room having a hissy fit.
Check the video in this post ... you've been warned internets ... don't troll her precious grand baby.
Guitar + iPhone’s Video Camera = Awesome
I don't know if it's an optical illusion or magic (HARRY POTTER ZAPPED IT!!! I KNOW HE DID SOMEONE CALL THE MINSTRY OF MAGIC! ... What do you mean they're all at lunch? Pull a rabbit out of a hat to send a message or something!) ... but this is probably the coolest video I've see…