Need a little extra help with the bird, or your bird is just not coming out the way your mom use to make it? Well never fear, for there are a plenty of Mrs. Cleavers on call for the big day to help those amateur turkey cookers. Here are the numbers to help!

• The Turkey Tips Line - Available 24 hours, Reynolds Kitchens offers easy defrosting and roasting directions that, of course, utilize tinfoil.  800-745-4000

• Butterball Turkey Talk-Line - Home economists and nutritionists answer questions and offer assistance on turkey cooking. November 1 through December 21. The most bizarre call received by the emergency hotline was from a woman who said her pet Chihuahua had jumped into the cavity of the family's holiday turkey and got stuck. 800-288-8372, or at

• Shady Brook Farms Dial-A-Chef Holiday Hotline: 888-723-4468:
Pre-recorded tips for holiday feasts and entertaining from selected chefs across the country as well as wine pairings. Call October 1 - January 1.

• USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline: Panicked because your whole family isn't sure the turkey is really cooked properly? Call the experts, for information on food safety concerns. Operating 10-4 weekdays, and 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. 800-535-4555

• HoneySuckle White: Automated assistance to questions about turkey. Anytime through December 31. Who could turn that down? 800-810-6325