YES! I'm a huge True Blood fan! I got hooked on the books before I found the series on HBO. I love how the story takes place in and around Shreveport in the fictional town of Bon Temps!

Deadlocked is the 12th and latest in the series and I downloaded it bright and early this morning to my iPad. I can't wait to get home and tackle it! When I'm done, I'm sure I'll start the entire series yet again (in order) just to prepare for the upcoming new season on HBO, even though the show is becoming increasingly hard to recognize when compared to the books. With that being said, I've read a lot of Charlaine Harris' other books and I'm a fan! Charlaine hails from Magnolia, Arkansas and even though she misses a parish for a county here and there, she gets the 'Southern' thing. (Even if the dialect coach for the show doesn't!) I really do wish someone would open a Fangtasia in Shreveport for real! So dig in, get  your Sookie fix and rejoice! Who will Sookie end up with in the end. My mom is a fan of Bill. I like Vampire Eric myself but there's just something about Werewolf Alcide... And then the Weretiger Quinn... Decisions, decisions!!!


Also, ever wondered where that True Blood scene was shot? Click here! FYI, the new season of True Blood kicks off Sunday, June 10th. #WAITINGSUCKS