February 14th is a very special day filled with love.  So special, in fact, we at the Morning Madhouse think that to only recognize your significant other is to waste a perfectly good opportunity to spread love to your extended family, friends, and co-workers alike.  I mean, romantic love is all that and them some - but don't you have a little love for person that filled in for you at work so you could go to that thing?  Maybe a few hearts of respect in the air for the guy or girl that helped you finish that project or had your back when the boss thought you were slacking?

It is in that spirit that we decided to spread a little chocolate covered awesomeness to the incredible people that make up our work family.  Since Carter was already decked out in his Cupidly best - we decided to let our bearded cherub make the deliveries.

*Warning!  The following video features way more than your recommended daily allowance of diapered man-child.