It's never a good sign when you only receive two letters in the Bonus Puzzle of "Wheel of Fortune." However, on Wednesday's episode, Emil had the answer.

The category was "Thing" and after scanning the puzzle for the given letters R, L, S, T, N, and E, Vanna White stopped after two. The contestant, Emil, then guessed H, M, D, and O.

Poor choices in my opinion.

This time, White didn't budge. Yet somehow, without hesitation, Emil blurted out the correct answer, "New Baby Buggy." Even the man who controls the board was stunned as there was a clear delay before the it revealed the win.

Host, Pat Sajak then gave Emil a "Pat" down to make sure Emil wasn't wired up. He took home $45,000 for solving the Bonus Puzzle.

Before the episode aired, Sajak tweeted this: