Wow. Just wow. That's I could say after a friend shared this video with me today.

Here we have an adorable three year old girl just enjoying a playhouse at the fair. Of course you all have seen the playhouses at the Louisiana State Fair that have the spinning tunnel at the end, right? If not, just watch the ending of Grease with Olivia Newton John and that should refresh your memory.

Anyways, this cute little girl couldn't figure out how to get through this spinning tunnel. So she did what any little girl would do...


Instead of running across, she just went ahead and sat her little butt down on the side of that thing. She then decides to show off some type of super-ninja-baby grip power and held on the ENTIRE WAY AROUND! That little girl rode that tunnel in a full circle, then stumbled off as she came back to where she started. She did take quite a fall at the end, but she was absolutely fine, and even told her mom she liked it!

It's literally unbelievable, you gotta see this!