As 2012 comes to an end it's a time to be nostalgic and think about all the good times and bad times that have come and gone. Also missed opportunities, like movies. I missed the boat on some movies. One of them went on to gross world wide 1 BILLION dollars!

Sorted by highest gross ... not how much I wanted to see them

#5 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
What more needs to be said here ... Honest Abe vs Vampires? I need to redbox this one today!

#4 Taken 2
I loved Taken (1?) ... this was supposed to be a no brainer for me to go see the sequel.

#3 MIB 3
The first Men in Black was amazing. Men in Black 2 kinda sucked. I wanted to see if Will Smith and Tommy Jones could redeem the MIB franchise.

#2 Brave
This movie looked like it would be fun. I just know I would look weird walking into a kid movie by myself. I'll Redbox it one of these days and knock it off the list.

#1 Skyfall
Last I saw it was still in theaters (when I drove by the old movie theater on Airline) ... I should go see it. I'll probably feel like a kid again (as that was probably the last time I went to that particular movie theater)

Should I skip any of these? Or should I DEFINITELY see one of those now. Lemme know!