Estately has compiled a list of the scariest states in the U.S. and where Louisiana ranks may just... well... you know.

The real estate website, Estately, has developed a system for determining which states have the most things that scare us. They asked the question, "Which state has the most things we are afraid of?" Whether it's insects, reptiles, murderers, clowns or even dentists, we're all afraid of something.

It's all based on how readily-found your biggest fears are. Florida is the scariest state in the U.S., but look where Louisiana came in.

Here is a list of the top 10:

1. Florida

2. Georgia

3. Texas

4. Louisiana

5. Alabama

6. North Carolina

7. California

8. South Carolina

9. Mississippi

10. Virginia

More specifically, Louisiana ranked first in the "Prison" and "Murderers" categories, meaning if you're afraid of going to prison or getting murdered, you probably shouldn't live in Louisiana.

Unless you like living on the edge...